Be My Slave - Reloaded Episode 1 - Coerced - Eveline Dellai & Leila Smith

A reimagining of director Alis Locanta’s celebrated SexArt series, ‘Be My Slave’ explores darkly arousing themes of domination and submission. Beautiful brunette Eveline Dellai waits expectantly outside an anonymous building, until she is summoned by her stern mistress, Leila Smith. Eveline pulls a pair of white panties from her bag and Leila snatches them and marches her off, evidently displeased. Once inside, Leila immediately takes charge; she stands behind Eveline, stuffs the panties in her mouth and raises her dress so she can rub her exposed clit. Although dominant, the way Leila kisses Eveline while slapping and frigging her pussy makes it clear that she has feelings for her. The panties stifle Eveline’s ecstatic moans as she orgasms. Allowing her no time to recover, Leila spreads her legs and clamps her mouth over her pussy, not stopping until Eveline comes again. Eveline looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights when her mistress dons a strap-on. She’s spun into doggy position and Lelia rubs the mock cock against her sticky slit, then drives it home. Eveline responds to every thrust with a muffled yelp. Leila grabs her by the hair and screws her harder and faster until she climaxes yet again. Casting the dildo aside, Leila switches places but not roles. She pulls Eveline’s head between her legs and holds her there until she herself starts shaking wildly, having effectively bought herself off with the submissive brunette’s tongue. But the domineering redhead isn’t satisfied with one orgasm. She straddles Eveline and rides her spit-lubed fingers, panting and gazing into her willing slave’s eyes until her body spasms in the throes of another climax. Submission accomplished, they kiss hard and long until the mistress casts her slave aside and leaves; but be sure to watch the closing credits for an unexpected – and visually arresting – reversal of roles…
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