Elements Episode 4 - Wind - Olivia Sin & Alberto Blanco

Gorgeous Olivia Sin revels in the wind’s caress, in episode four of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series “Elements.” In the dramatic opening sequence, the beautiful blonde stands high above the harbor, the wind blowing her billowing dress around her. In a sun-drenched bedroom, the goddess becomes mortal, straddling Alberto Blanco, both of them naked. She strokes his thick cock as they kiss passionately, then goes down to lick and suck it, smiling up at her man naughtily. The elfin cutie sinks down onto Alberto’s pole, her shaved pussy hugging it tightly as she slides up and down. She braces herself on his chest, her big breasts bouncing as she rides him. Pausing to lick her cream from his cock, she sits astride him again, this time in reverse cowgirl, rubbing her clit as she rides. Luscious lips parted, she gasps with pleasure as Alberto takes control and thrusts up into her. They move into missionary, Alberto plowing into his sweetheart, fucking her to a powerful orgasm before she jerks his hot load out all over her sexy body.
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Models: Olivia Sin