Undress - Sybil A & Michael Fly

“Undress,” Sybil A’s first boy-girl movie for SexArt, has a simple but irresistible premise – two lovers stripping each other for sex. Sybil and Michael Fly kiss tenderly and he kneels, pulling gorgeous Sybil’s black panties down from beneath her elegant chocolate-colored evening dress. Her sweet, shaved pussy is beautifully framed by garter straps and stockings. She guides Michael’s hand as he strokes her clit, then turns around so he can unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing a black lace basque that flatters her sensational curves. Michael peels the basque down to reveal Sybil’s perfect breasts, fondling them and toying with her nipples, running his fingers through her thin strip of pubic hair. Sybil unzips Michael’s pants to free his hard cock, stroking it sensuously. She pushes him onto the bed, stripping down to her stockings and grinding her amazing ass against his erection. Stroking her pussy, she leans in to suck and jack him with delicate hands, then straddles him again, this time facing him. She rubs her pussy along his engorged prick, edging her clit back and forth until she is ready to take him inside and slide herself all the way down. Her body undulates deliciously as she rides him, increasing the pace as her passion rises. Sybil lies back for Michael to lap at her hot pussy, then slide back into her in spoons, thrusting powerfully until he gives her an orgasm so powerful her whole body convulses. He keeps slamming into her, fucking her to another orgasm and filling her with his hot load as she trembles around his cock. “Undress” is a superbly sensual exploration of a couple’s most intimate moments.