In Reflection 2 - Aislin

Bouncy blonde Aislin strokes herself through her summer dress as a breeze from an open window causes it to billow around her. The luscious Latvian pops out her beautiful, ample breasts and gives them a naughty squeeze. She sits in front of a full-length mirror, grabs her big boobs again and bends forward so that she can lick them. Sucking on a finger, she pulls her lace-trimmed panties aside and rotates it around her clit for a while, before she slides off the panties and really goes to town with her fingers. Holding the lips of her shaved pussy splayed open with one hand, she rubs two digits of the other one up and down her slit, furiously. But it’s when they disappear inside her slick pinkness that Aislin goes into overdrive, thrusting hard with her head thrown back, eyes closed – panting wildly.
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