My First Ones 2 - Dido A

As Dido A makes some tea and pores over something on her laptop, the reason for her concentration becomes clear: she’s online shopping for sex toys. When the ones she has selected arrive, she wastes no time before giving them a test run. Slipping off her sexy bodysuit, she switches on the exotic vibrator and grinds it against her clit, smiling with delight as the sensations course through her. She lies back and rubs the toy against her pussy more frantically, making herself come. Moving to the bedroom, she thrusts the big, ridged dildo into her juiced-up pussy hole, fucking herself harder and deeper. Holding the vibrator against her clit, she works herself up into a frenzy again, then goes face down, ass up to diddle herself to another climax.
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Models: Dido A