Your Target - Melina

Mischievous cutie Melina draws a target on canvas and fires cream at it, before turning the dispenser on herself and squirting it into her mouth. The hot Latvian brunette doesn’t stop there though – she lifts her T-shirt, squirts and rubs the cream onto her tummy and tiny breasts. Standing naked, she sways her body sensually while moving her hands up and down her pale skinned, slender body, from her inner thighs to her breasts and back again. She drops onto her haunches and the camera zooms in for a glorious close-up of her plump-lipped, shaved pussy, which is flushed pink with excitement. This is one extremely provocative individual who craves getting naked – for you.
Duration: 2:11 Views: 219 Submitted: 2 months ago
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