Modelling Lilian - Lilian A

Beautiful Lillian A readies for her shoot in the make-up chair. When she's ready we join her in the changing booth as she slips off her clothes and into a sexy black cocktail dress - no panties or bra needed when your body is as beautiful as Lilian's. The shoot begins with a wind fan billowing Lilian's dress up over her silky thighs, and soon she's letting her dress fall from her body, pert, small breasts with nipples hardening against the breeze, and a fabulous, peachy round ass. Her long auburn hair in ringlets waves around under the gusts of cold air, her sexy black choker making her look even more beautiful. Not to mention her cute pussy lips peeping out from her shaved sex. But when she leaves to slip into some thrilling black underwear...
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Models: Lilian A