Awakening Episode 1 - Barbara Vie

Waking in her bed, gorgeous brunette Barbara Vie, eyes closed, a soft smile on her face, pulls down the covers and fondles her breasts through her pink T-shirt. Lifting it up over her beautiful breasts, she opens her eyes and widens her smile, tweaking her nipples hard, a hand disappearing beneath the sheets. The duvet is pushed down to her ankles and her hand enters her shorts to grope and stroke her pussy. Lost in her sexual fantasy, Barbara pulls her shorts aside and thrusts up and down, her naked, shaved pussy aching for a lover's touch. She rolls onto her hip, pulling her shorts down over peachy tanned ass cheeks and stroking them lustily. Fully awake, Barbara climbs onto hands and knees, pushing her ass back as if pinned by a hard, horny lover. She smiles at the camera, her blue eyes shining, running her hands over her hanging breasts and reaching back to pull on her ass cheek, her pink pussy lips spreading open. This sexy babe is so happy to be sharing her body and her fantasy with you.